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Rugby League with a Local Twist

Welcome to Rugby League Outsiders, where two passionate fans and ageing players, Karl Walker and Craig Williams, bring their love for the game to the Midlands.

Karl Walker

Born in Bradford Karl grew up on the cold terraces at Odsal Stadium watching the Bulls. He started playing at the age of 7 and 30 years later he is just about ready to hang up his boots. He played community rugby for Wibsey Warriors and represented Bradford and West Yorkshire. Karl moved to the Midlands in his 20s after meeting his wife. He has played for Telford Raiders since 2013 and is now enjoying a role in RL multimedia.

Craig Williams

Born in Halifax, Craig started rugby at 13 for school and local club Elland and eventually Huddersfield Academy. In 1995, Craig joined the Royal Marines and played for both the Marines & Royal Navy. Operational deployments prompted a 5-year break before he returned to playing for both the Royal Marines & Somerset Vikings. After leaving the forces, Craig relocated to the Midlands and played for Telford Raiders until retiring in 2019.

Our Story

After relocating to the Midlands, Karl & Craig were disappointed to find that rugby league wasn’t as prevalent as it was in their former homes.

However, instead of accepting defeat, Karl and Craig saw this as an opportunity to promote the sport and make it more accessible for others in the Midlands. They started the Rugby League Outsiders podcast to shed light on the hidden gems of rugby league in the region and to give a voice to those who may have been overlooked.

Tune in every week as Karl and Craig share their insights and experiences, interview players and coaches, and delve into all things rugby league. From local clubs to the latest news, they’ve got you covered.

Join the Rugby League Outsiders community today and help spread the word about this amazing sport in the Midlands

get in the game!

There’s always two sides to a game of rugby and this podcast is the same. If you have a story or some rugby league news to share, reach out. We’re always on the look out for new guests or great stories. 

Or if you’re just here to enjoy the show, grab a drink and get ready for unapologetic opinions, humorous anecdotes, and insider knowledge.

Start Here

In the first episode of the Rugby League Outsiders Podcast, hosts Karl & Craig explain the origins of the show, a little about their playing history and outline their future intentions.

Lace-up your boots… welcome to the team.

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