Crusaders Chairman Ian Edwards talks takeover & his unlikely route into rugby league.

Exclusive Interview with North Wales Crusaders Chairman Ian Edwards – Rugby League Outsiders

In this episode of Rugby League Outsiders, hosts and avid North Wales Crusaders fans, Craig and Karl, sit down with Ian Edwards, Chairman of the club.

Edwards discusses the club’s exciting future, the recent fundraising campaign, their community efforts, and his personal journey with rugby league.

Additionally, the conversation touches on the club’s heritage, future goals, and the notable impact of its loyal fan base.

Tune in to get an insider’s perspective on the only professional rugby league club in North Wales and the promising developments in store.

00:00 Introduction and Guest Introduction
00:12 Exciting Times at North Wales Crusaders
01:42 Ian Edwards’ Journey with Rugby League
04:37 Challenges and Future Projections
05:57 Welsh Heritage and Community Involvement
07:48 The Role of the Foundation
08:53 Takeover Deal and Future Role
11:17 Obstacles and Opportunities
15:13 Identity and Fan Experience
18:08 Final Thoughts and Call to Action
19:58 Closing Remarks

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