The 2023 Season So Far | Midlands RL Round Up – Ep 12


🏉 Welcome back to the Rugby League Outsiders! In Episode 12 of Midlands RL Round-Up, we delve into the heart-pounding action and dramatic twists of the 2023 season so far. 🏉

As we find ourselves mid-season, there’s no better time to pause, take a step back and dissect the performances, surprises, and standout moments we’ve seen from the Midlands.

In This Episode: 

Change of chairman at the Birmingham Bulldogs.

The battle of the West Midlands.

North Wales Crusaders Rugby League Club vs Midlands Hurricanes

✅ Hayden Freeman breaks the playing record for the Midlands.

✅ The launch of the women’s Midlands Super League.

✅ A player receiving 2 yellow cards and a red in one match.

✅ RFL accreditation for the rugby league outsiders.


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