Meet Dave Moll & James Husband of the Lincolnshire Lions Rugby Club – Ep 10


In this episode, hosts Karl & Craig sit down with head coach Dave Moll & Chairman James Husband of the newly formed, Lincoln based rugby league club, the Lincolnshire Lions. We chat to them about their routes into the game, how the Lincolnshire Lions came about, tips for tarting a rugby league club and more.

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In This Episode: 

History of Lincolnshire Lions – Can you give us a brief history of the Lincolnshire Lions Rugby League Club and how it came to be in the Midlands?

✅  Expectations – What are your expectations for the current season?

✅  Challenges – What are some of the challenges that the club faces, being located in the Midlands rather than in one of the traditional rugby league strongholds?

✅  Player Acquisition – How does the club attract and retain players in a region where rugby union is often more popular?

✅ Long-term goals – What are some of the long-term goals for the Lincolnshire Lions Rugby League Club, both on and off the field?

✅  Lincolnshire Lions of notes – Can you tell us about any volunteers or admin staff that deserve special recognition and why?

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