Meet Matt De Ridder & Matt Williscroft From Staffordshire Quantums Rugby League Club


  • In this episode, hosts Karl & Craig sit down with Matt Williscroft and Martin De Ridder of the newly formed Staffordshire Quantums. Staffordshire has taken the Midlands Rugby League scene by storm this year as they managed to snatch a feature in the Times and produced a viral video that gained 1 million views. Already renowned for active and vocal supporters, the Quantums have embraced Rugby League and are encouraging other Union clubs to do the same.

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In This Episode:

✅ The origins and inspiration behind the formation of the Staffordshire Quantums rugby league team.

✅ The team’s goals and aspirations for the season.

✅ Challenges faced in forming a new rugby league team.

✅ Some key players & staff members who have been instrumental in the team’s formation and development.

✅ Memorable moments including a feature in the Times and a video reaching 1 million views.

✅ Advice to individuals or communities interested in starting their own rugby league teams.

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