Meet Sean Sudworth & Stuart Hood of Birmingham Bulldogs Rugby League Club


Description – Meet Sean Sudworth & Stuart Hood of Birmingham Bulldogs Rugby League Club – Ep 9 In this episode, hosts Karl & Craig sit down with Sean Sudworth & Stuart Hood of Birmingham Bulldogs. Birmingham is the longest-surviving rugby league team in the Midlands and won the Midlands Cup last year. Recently they are undergoing an administrative re-development with a view to introducing a women and girls and youth team.

👉 GUEST 1 – SEAN SUDWORTH Sean has been the chairman of Birmingham Bulldogs for 5 years and started playing rugby league aged 7 in his home town of Wigan. He relocated to the Midlands with his wife, originally from Bromsgrove, for work.

👉 GUEST 2 – STUART HOOD Stuart discovered rugby league at school through his PE teacher, a Hull KR fan. Stuart is the incumbent chairman of the Bulldogs and is looking to transform a well-established team into a club in the 2023 season.

Birmingham Bulldogs – https://www.birminghambulldogs.co.uk

In This Episode: 

History – Can you give us a brief history of the Birmingham Bulldogs Rugby League Club?

✅  Challenges – As outgoing and incoming chairman, respectively, what are some of the challenges that you’ve faced or anticipate facing in this role?

✅  Goals – What are the club’s goals for the upcoming season, and how does the club plan to achieve those goals?

✅  Partnerships  – Can you talk about any partnerships you’ve formed to promote the sport?

Covid  – How has the club dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic, both in terms of its impact on the sport and on the club’s operations?

✅  Player Acquisition – How does the club acquire new players & build a pipeline of players for the future?

✅  Community Outreach – What kind of community outreach does the club engage in, and how has that impacted the club’s visibility and growth?

✅  Upcoming events – Upcoming events or initiatives that the Birmingham Bulldogs Rugby League Club has planned for the near future?

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