Meet Toby Whelan & Pete Gatenby From The Leamington Royals Rugby League Club – Ep 8

In this episode, hosts Karl & Craig sit down with Pete Gatenby & Toby Whelan of the Leamington Royals.

πŸ‘‰ Toby Whelan

Born in Leeds but grew up in Leamington/Warwick. I’ve only been playing league for 3 years (all with the Royals), but played Union my whole life & support the Bulls. Mostly play wing for the Royals but bit of a utility back, and does the social media. Play Union for Harbury & brought half our team over to play for the Royals.

πŸ‘‰ Pete Gatenby

Grew up in West Yorkshire, and played rugby league through secondary school, uni and open age, bouncing around the world I had to switch codes in the US, and having a couple of years away from rugby league, I then returned when back at uni after a shoulder op (where I really decided this was the sport for me), I then ended up with a trial in NZ playing for Glenora Bears in the Fox Prem – I did that for a season. But came back to the UK, found me in the midlands in 2014, and 2015 was my first season for the Royals. And I’ve been there ever since and as captain since last year.

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Key Points:Β 

βœ… History of Leamington – Can you give us a brief history of the Leamington Royals Rugby League Club and how it came to be in the Midlands?

βœ…Β  Expectations – How has the club performed in recent years and what are your expectations for the current season?

βœ…Β  Challenges – What are some of the challenges that the club faces, being located in the Midlands rather than in one of the traditional rugby league strongholds?

βœ…Β  Player Acquisition – How does the club attract and retain players in a region where rugby union is often more popular?

βœ… Long-term goals – What are some of the long-term goals for the Leamington Royals Rugby League Club, both on and off the field?

βœ…Β  Upcoming Events – can you tell us about any exciting upcoming events or initiatives that the club has planned for the near future?

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