Rugby Threads: Rating 2024’s Super League Jerseys



Join hosts Craig and Karl as they dive into the 2024 Super League shirts. Explore the good, the bad, and the downright fugly designs this season. From Castleford Tigers’ classics to Hull KR’s bold choices, no shirt is left unreviewed.

Special focus on the integration of logos, colour trends, and pricing—what’s worth your hard-earned cash? Hear our hot takes on each shirt and rate them along with us. Price checks included: are these jerseys good value for money? We’re eager to hear your opinions, too!

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See each shirt as we discuss them.

Disclaimer: It’s all in good fun and fashion critique—no offence intended to clubs or fans. Stay tuned for our next episode, where we tackle the Championship and League One shirts!

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In This Episode:

Disclaimer: The discussion is meant for entertainment, not to offend anyone 😉


Shirt Evaluations:

✅ Castleford Tigers: Mixed opinions on home and away shirts, with ratings ranging from five to eight out of ten.

✅ Catalan Dragons: Appreciation for the home kit design, less enthusiasm for the away kit. Mention of higher pricing for the shirts.

✅ Huddersfield: Commentary on the traditional style and modern cut, with ratings around six to nine.

✅ Hull FC and Hull KR: Varied reactions to their designs, with a focus on logo integration and bold choices for away kits.

✅ Leeds Rhinos: Discussion on the home shirt’s crisp, modern look and less favourable views on the away and third kits.

✅ Leigh Leopards: Criticism for the red leopard design, calling it a “design disaster.”

✅ London Broncos: Remarks on the unfinished look of the kit and expectations of a sponsor.

✅ Salford: Praise for both home and away kits, appreciating their modern take.

✅ St. Helens: Negative feedback on the sponsor’s impact on the kit’s appearance.

✅ Warrington Wolves: Mixed reviews, with the away kit seen as either a hit or miss.

✅ Wigan: Opinions split on the traditional home shirt and the more experimental away shirt.

Conclusion: Ratings and final thoughts on the best and worst shirts of the season, with a teaser for an upcoming episode on Championship and League One shirts.

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