The Rise of Irish Women in Rugby League With Coach Matt Kennerson & Senior Players Clodagh Dunne & Alex McGuinness

Welcome to a special episode of the “Rugby League Outsiders” where we dive deep into the heart and soul of Irish Rugby League, featuring an exclusive talk with Matt Kennerson, the inspirational head coach of the Irish Rugby League women’s team.

Join us as we explore Matt’s personal journey from falling out of love with the sport to leading Ireland’s charge towards the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

Alongside Matt, senior players Clodagh Dunne and Alex McGuinness share their exhilarating transition from tag and touch rugby to making their mark on the league field.

Filmed amidst the backdrop of Ireland’s training camp outside Rochdale, this episode unveils the ambition, dedication, and familial bond that defines the Irish women’s rugby league team.
From the grassroots growth in Ireland to the aspiration of playing in the NRLW, discover the stories of resilience, cultural pride, and unyielding determination to elevate women’s rugby league on the Emerald Isle.

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