Women in Rugby League With London Bronco Siobhan Longdon-Hughes

Women in Rugby League With London Bronco Siobhan Longdon-Hughes

In this episode, join hosts Craig and Karl as we delve into the captivating world of rugby league from the unique perspective of London. We have the pleasure of hosting an extraordinary guest, Siobhan Longdon-Hughes, a dynamic player for the London Broncos.

Siobhan shares her incredible journey from a ballet dancer to a rugby league player, offering insights into the challenges and triumphs of transitioning from rugby union to league, balancing motherhood with professional sports, and the growth of women’s rugby league.

Episode Highlights:

✅ Siobhan’s Rugby Roots: Discover how a Wigan fan’s daughter became a star in London’s rugby league scene.
✅ A Unique Transition: From ballet to rugby, Siobhan discusses her path to the London Broncos and her family’s influence.
✅ Challenges and Triumphs: Insights into Siobhan’s return to the sport postpartum, the development of the London Broncos women’s team, and the significance of teamwork and discipline in rugby league.
✅ Women’s Rugby League Growth: Siobhan reflects on the expansion of the women’s game, the importance of representation, and her hopes for the future.

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