The Fascinating Rugby League Journey of Kevin Rudd: From School to International Influence


This episode captures the remarkable journeys of Kevin Rudd of the Elmbridge Eagles.

From player to coach, Rudd’s involvement spans community clubs, professional levels, and international development, emphasising inclusivity and grassroots growth in the sport.

On the other hand, the coach shares insights on coaching boys and girls, the cultural richness of rugby league in France, and the challenges and successes in expanding the sport globally, showcasing the personal connections garnered through their rugby league endeavours.

Welcome to Rugby League Outsiders, where two passionate fans and former players, Karl Walker and Craig Williams, bring their love for the game to the Midlands. After relocating to the area, they were disappointed that rugby league wasn’t as prevalent as in their former homes.

However, instead of accepting defeat, Karl and Craig saw this as an opportunity to promote the sport and make it more accessible for others in the Midlands. They started the Rugby League Outsiders podcast to shed light on the hidden gems of rugby league in the region and to give a voice to those who may have been overlooked.

Tune in weekly as Karl and Craig share their insights and experiences, interview players and coaches, and delve into rugby league. From local clubs to the latest news, they’ve got you covered.

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The Fascinating Rugby League Journey of Kevin Rudd: From School to International Influence

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